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Sunday, March 3, 2013

It Works! Body Wrap Review

After having 3 girls my body was stretched in places that I didn't think it was possible, not to mention the weight that was packed on. So after having each one of my daughters my stomach area or my "pooch" became more apparent. If that wasn't bad enough my health problems that came soon after restrict me from doing any strenuous working out. I was more than excited when I spoke with It Works! Independent Distributor Amber Coleman about being able to review an Ultimate Body Applicator
Photo taken from It Works! Facebook page

If you haven't heard of It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator let me explain what they are in the condensed version. The body wraps are made with natural ingredients that help heal your skin and also giving a tighten, toned and firming effect. The wraps are able to detoxifies the body. You cannot actually rid your body of fat cells without surgery, but there are toxins in the fat cells, the wraps help to rid the toxins and shrink the fat cells. You are to wear the wrap for 45 minutes with plastic wrap to keep it in place and then for the next 72 hours the ingredients will continue to work. You must drink water and ONLY water during the 72 hours, this is to help flush out all of the toxins. It Works! also offers other products to help with weight, skin and other areas of the body.
Photo taken from It Works! Facebook page
Now since I was able to use a wrap myself I was surprised by my results. I am too chicken to post a body photo but I will say this product really works, It Works! No but seriously give it a chance, many people expect big, dramatic results but you need to use the wraps up to 3 to 4 times before seeing those dramatic results. I give this product 4½ out of 5 stars!! If you are interested in purchasing anything from It Works! please visit Amber's website to make your purchase and to check out all the products available.

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