One Mom's Moxie: Peeps® - They Make Easter Fun!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Peeps® - They Make Easter Fun!

Easter is this Sunday, March 31st, are you ready? I don't think you are quite ready until you add some Peeps® to your Easter Sunday! Whether you love to eat them, decorate with them, use them in a recipe or just play with them Peeps® has become synonymous with Easter. This year was Peeps® 60th Anniversary, that's a lot of Peeps®!! I was sent a lot of Peeps® to try and when I mean a lot, I really mean a lot!!!

Today I saw the new PEEPS® Easter commercial that features two brothers sharing tons of fun recipes, crafts, and other quirky ways to use PEEPS®. It inspired me to create PEEPS Easter Wreath with my kids. For more PEEPS® possibilities, watch the extended version of the video. It features pop-ups that take you to all 26 different PEEPS® ideas. Click on what interests you, and find an easy way to "Express Your Peepsonality™."

I'll be posting a photo of our Peeps® Easter Wreath in a day or two, since it's Spring Break it's the perfect time to use Peeps® in many different ways! 

Have you used Peeps® in a recipe or craft? Do you want to? Please share your Peeps® comments below!

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