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Monday, April 29, 2013

Be Uncommon-Get Uncommon

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Be Uncommon-Get Uncommon   

                                                This is not your “Average” phone case. The phone cases at http://www.getuncommon.com/ are unique, a treasure for every parent, grandparent, and anyone who has a special child in their life.
The phone cases are for Apple products: iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Touch 5th gen, iPod Touch 4th gen, & iPad (retina/2).
So here’s the deal. This case is AWESOME. They’re unique because they are made from, your own children’s artwork, photos, and other images that you hold near and dear to your heart. They’re reasonably
priced around 39.99; but I saw some already uploaded images that were about 5 dollars cheaper and the iPad 2 cases are around 59.95. Pretty comparable to the ones on the shelves at big box retailers.

I got my uncommon case in the mail a few days ago. I used my daughter’s artwork to make a case for our 3GS iPhone.

The whole process was SUPER simple. Your child makes the art, you take a picture of the art, upload it on uncommon’s website, choose your product (iPhone, iPod, iPad, they even have Mac Book Deflectors). And then you can customize it by adding text, changing it to BW or by rotating the image. Once you pay for your product the shipping is quick.

I didn’t opt for the upgraded gift packaging, but they do offer an upgraded gift box for their products. This product would make a great gift for any occasion. The product is so personalized everyone can appreciate it. The product is also easy to put on; it’s just two pieces you push your phone or other Apple Product right into it. They even have one piece slim cases that click right over you phone, so easy even your child can do it!

You can learn more about this product by clicking the link bellow!


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