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Monday, April 29, 2013

World's Best Cat Litter Review

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I have to tell you all that I was once known as a Cat Lady, even though I'm married with children, I just have a love for cats and kittens that is so strong I couldn't turn any kitties away. I was taking in stray cats and then they were still feral so they didn't last long in our home. It wasn't until two runts of different litters but same mom that stayed in our home and in our hearts. Those two are Pixie and Zero, and I have to say they can stink up our bathroom! So when I heard about World's Best Cat Litter, I knew we had to try it.
We were sent two bags of their Clumping Formula. Now on each bag you are told how long to expect the litter to last according to how many cats you have. Since we have two indoor cats we expected the litter to last 15 days. Here is a picture of one, 7lb bags in our extra large cat litter box. We ended up adding both bags of the Clumping Formula.
Now we did run into an unforeseen issue. Our cats refused to use the litter. I like to say our cats are eccentric and maybe a little spoiled. So the only solution we could come up with was to spread a thin layer of cat litter that we normally used right on top. It worked! There was such a small amount that you could barely tell. World's Best Cat Litter is all natural, made from whole- kernel corn, so some cats may be finicky. 
I did like using World's Best Cat Litter, it controlled the smell pretty good and ours lasted about 20 days. We scoop ours daily, sometimes twice a day. The litter was easy to scoop and clumped up really good. I cannot stand the smell,  so it's really important that I don't have a stinky bathroom! If you are looking for a cat litter that actually does what it claims, then World's Best Cat Litter is for you! I recommend it and I plan on trying the multi-cat clumping formula soon. 

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