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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Funbites - Make Every Bite a Funbites!

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I was recently given the opportunity to review Funbites, if you're unfamiliar with Funbites stick around because you're about to become very familiar. The genius creator of the Funbites is Bobbie Rhoads, a mother of two daughters. Rhoads children are opposites, one daughter, Jackie, would eat with no problems as long as their food is neatly organized and the other, Dylan, liked the same things over and over, she would try something if it was cut into bite sized pieces though. And that was how Funbites was born, this Mom figured out an easy solution for so many moms all over! There are not three Funbites designs.
I was able to chose which Funbites I wanted, so I picked the square one. I really liked both but was only able to chose one. My Funbites arrived and my brainstorming began. I wanted to do something so creative and maybe a little extravagant. Then reality kicked in, I should show you all how I really planned on using Funbites in my everyday life. Since my daughters love having nutella sandwiches I decided I would make them one but with a twist. So I got out my supplies. 
Then I remembered someone mentioning that they were having a hard time cutting through the bread without the bread tearing apart. My solution, lightly toast the bread.
Then it was time to spread the nutella, now I am not a sloppy sandwich maker. I annoy people because I like for my condiment of choice to go all the way to the edges. So I spread my nutella, all over.
Okay so maybe I am a little sloppy, but nutella isn't the easiest to spread! Then came time to use the Funbites.
I made sure to line the Funbites up to get as many perfect little squares as possible. I don't like to waste food, plus it's just sensible to do it this way. Gently pushing down. Here is the top view of my sandwich halfway through.
Next I gently rocked the Funbites side to side to cut through the bread as much as I could. Not bad for my first time. 
Now it was time to take the topper and push it through to get my squares out. This part was fairly easy. 
Here they come, they fell out with no issues. I had to pull some apart but it wasn't bad they were all mostly cut all the way. Even though the bread was lightly toasted, some nutella still came through.
Once I had my squares I decided I would give my kids a little variety. Using the Funbites was actually fun! So here I spread some peanut butter, but this time I wasn't picky about the edges!
So I thought I had toasted the bread enough for the peanut butter one, but I guess I didn't, oops!
It was no biggie, my little squares still looked pretty good. I put some colorful toothpicks in a few to make it easier to pick up or stack one onto another.
My overall experience and opinion about the Funbites is wonderful. I think it takes practice, some trial and error, but eventually you will figure out what works best with it. I do think the next time I use it I will cut the bread first and just let my kiddies dip the bread into the nutella and peanut butter. The Funbites would be great to cut up cheese, lunch meat, fruits, vegetables, hamburgers, pancakes, and so much more. You can keep up with Funbites through the Funbites website, Funbites on Twitter or the Funbites Facebook.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes as part of a Karma Media Team campaign. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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