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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Decorating with Poster Frames

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There are many things that go into making someone a film buff. Knowledge of the industry and viewing of many films is just the beginning. Many film lovers are now bringing their hobby into home decorating as well with the use of movie posters. These film advertisements can be an art form in themselves and are best displayed in poster frames. These poster frames, give the product a clean and professional look, as well as preserve it for a longer period of time. When decorating with film posters it is essential that they are framed, otherwise sticking them to the wall with thumbtacks and putty makes your house look more like a college dorm room.
Decorating your house this way does not have to be expensive, wholesale poster frames are readily available. Many people choose to decorate with vintage movie posters such as those from Paramount pictures, which include classics such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s or the Godfather. Many times there are reproductions of these original posters available at a lower price. Many collectors though seek out original poster art, which can make them quite valuable. If the movie poster that you are trying to display is more of a collector’s item, you want to make sure to protect it the best way you can.
One of the pivotal things when it comes to protecting your movies posters is to frame them under a special UV protecting glass. The most harmful effects of poster damage come from fading due to sun exposure. UV protection will allow you to display your poster in the best exposure in your home without worrying about sun damage, thus keeping your poster in great condition for many more years to come.
When done smartly, decorating your home in movie posters can turn your house into a home.

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