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Thursday, May 9, 2013

James Hoffman - Iowa Personal Injury Lawyer

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Most people have had some type of injury that was caused by someone else being careless or reckless. Oftentimes, the person is then inclined to call an Iowa personal injury lawyer and file a lawsuit. A personal injury lawyer is the person who can help a client who is injured because of another person’s negligence. Each year, several personal injury claims are filed. They include workplace injuries, car accidents, slips and falls and medical malpractice. Recently, a number of personal injury claims filed are against businesses that supplied a person with a defective product which resulted in an injury. The reason for the claim being filed is so that the person can seek financial compensation because of their injuries. 
The compensation amount is based on lost wages, loss of work and the extent of the medical injury. When looking for a personal injury lawyer, remember that not all lawyers specialize in personal injury. You want to find a lawyer who is experienced in personal injury. Most insurance companies have a load of experienced personal injury lawyers, so it is wise for you to hire one who is equally equipped with knowledge and experience to help fight your case. Each lawyer has their own specialty, and you should look for one that has a specialty related to your case. For those who might have suffered from an extensive injury, such as a brain injury, that keeps them from ever working again, you should hire a personal injury lawyer who has a specialty in extensive laws with regard to medical malpractice. A person filing a claim against a business would not need this same kind of lawyer. If you need to file a personal injury claim, call an Iowa personal injury lawyer who will fight for your rights.

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