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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Zappoobz - LED Curtains and Beaded Curtains

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There's something about the allure of hanging crystals that makes an incredibly striking statement in any home. Investing in a beaded curtain can do wonders for your home or office space. If you have a door or walkway that's in desperate need of sprucing up, LED curtains are an excellent choice. The novelty of a beaded curtain that lights ups is that you can turn it off during the day and enjoy the euphonious glow at night. This gives your decor versatility, and it's even more environmentally friendly to boot. LED lights won't siphon as much energy as a standard light bulb, so if you enjoy the hum of dim lights in the wee hours of the night, an LED curtain is a great alternative to other options. 
What's also lovely about lighted curtains is that they can be used to artistically spotlight any number of things. If you're hosting an art exhibit at a local gallery, LED curtains will really set the room off right, and they can even be implemented into the art itself. If your place of business could use some sprucing up, beaded curtains will do the trick. The great thing is that beaded curtains are incredibly cheap in comparison to many other forms of interior decor. Even the lighted versions won't set you back too much, and the investment ends up being entirely worth it. When you order your curtains, be sure to mix and match colors and sizes for the most visceral effects and character.

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