One Mom's Moxie: PARNEVU Hair Products Review

Monday, June 10, 2013

PARNEVU Hair Products Review

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Earlier this year I was sent some products from PARNEVU, I received the Extra Dry Salon Shampoo, Extra Dry After-Shampoo Conditioner and the Hair Mayonnaise. I tried the products and honestly it just wasn't the product for me. My daughter used them as well, her hair is drier than mine from using a flat iron often, she liked the conditioner. 
I am not saying that this product wouldn't work for anyone else. If you use a lot of products and get a lot of product build up on your hair then you should try the Extra Dry Salon Shampoo, it will help clean all the product out of your hair.
If you have over-processed,  extremely dry hair then these products might work for you. I would suggest trying the Hair Mayonnaise on your hair to moisturize to soften and condition it. If you are interested in these products or any other PARNEVU products, you can visit the PARNEVU website.

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