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Saturday, June 29, 2013

PageantDesigns.com - Girls Pageant Dresses

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Every little girl wants to be a princess. Not when she grows up, but right now. The whole pageant industry is built around those princess desires. The glamour the beauty and the prize money all add to those little girl dreams. Sometimes, those dreams are shared between mother and daughter. The chance to compete in the industry is difficult and time consuming for both the parents and the child. The little girl who wants to go on to compete in Miss America or Miss USA needs to start young and survive the hectic pageant world. Those little girls must have the prettiest, the best and the most glamorous clothing. They must have a makeup and hair specialist. They must have someone do their nails for them. They must also have very supportive families who never tire of being on the road.

The pageant dresses are filled with ruffles, bows, glitter and glitz. The dresses must shine and shimmer when they walk. The girls must be able to carry themselves along the runway without the dress getting bunched up or tangled around their feet. The dress is the showstopper in a pageant, so princesses-in-waiting must have the best they can get. The winner is not the only one that benefits from a contest. Many non-winners have gone to have very successful careers outside of pageant work. Many winners have been offered careers in the television and film industries. Moms who shop girls pageant dresses at PageantDesigns.com have found dresses to suit all the glamour needs of their princesses.

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