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Thursday, June 13, 2013

ABC Rug and Carpet Care

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Finding that perfect rug for your living space can be difficult, but finding a place that can clean that rug can be even more difficult. If you live in the NYC are and are looking for a place that can do Oriental rug cleaning then look no further than ABC Rug & Carpet Care. They are able to clean your expensive Oriental rug and even offer a free visit to give an estimate of the cleaning costs. With over twenty years of experience ABC Rug & Carpet Care not only offer cleaning and repair services, they want their customers to be happy with the services received. Their staff is trained and experienced in a variety of cleaning, repairs and restorations of Oriental and Persian rugs.
When ABC Rug & Carpet Care comes out for an estimate they go through four easy steps. The first is the rug assessment, the cleaning specialists come out to decide which cleaning method is best for your rug. They also want to choose the best method to bring back that new look to your rug. The second step is a rug intervention, this is where you can decide if you would rather have the cleaning specialists to use a green method of cleaning. The third step is a price negotiation, this is where you and ABC Rug & Carpet Care will decide on the price of the cleaning. They know the economy is bad so there are discounts available. The fourth and final step is, customer satisfaction and making sure your rug is delivered in a timely manner. All that ABC Rug & Carpet Care wants is for their customers to be satisfied with the services received. So the next time you are looking for your rug or carpet to be cleaned give ABC Rug & Carpet Care a chance to show you just how great they are!

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