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Saturday, June 29, 2013


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One of the latest trends in home décor is decorating a child's bedroom with a theme. Usually, a child's bedding set is the focus and the highlight of the room. Not only is the room a more enjoyable place for the child, it adds to the overall appeal of the home. These are some of the most popular decorating themes in a child's bedroom. A Favorite Color Parents may establish a color theme of a bedroom. For instance, if a child's favorite color is green, he or she can enjoy a comforter with a green design as well as pillows and sheets that feature the color. The dust ruffle of the bed can also display a shade of green. 

Using a child's favorite color as a room's theme of décor is easy and allows parents to be as creative as they want to be! A Favorite Interest Some children like airplanes others enjoy sports or love studying different types of animals. Some parents are choosing a decorating theme that revolves around a beloved interest of their child. For example, a child who loves airplanes can have a comforter that features a collection of airplanes. This theme can be echoed on the pillow cases. In the process of decorating, parents can find other items that reflect the aviation theme to put all around the room! Moms and dads who want to participate in this popular trend can find children's bedding by Sweet JoJo Designs at ChildrensBeddingBoutique.com.

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