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Friday, June 14, 2013

Ubooly an interactive pet for your iPhone or iPod

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The Ubooly; an interactive stuffed animal for your iPhone or iPod. It's bright orange and very appealing to the eyes. My kids were super stoked to get it in the mail. They were even more excited when the company sent them out a post card in the mail to let them know their new pet was coming. So what is it? Its another gadget for your iPhone or iPod. It is a stuffed animal you shove your phone or iPod into and your kids can talk and interact with it. With commands like "tell me a joke", "Play a game" or "tell me a story". You can even put your Ubooly to sleep; which I have found that it does that easily enough on its own.

The Ubooly case has a tendency to be really obstructive and even unzipped it often doesn't hear what my kids are saying and puts itself to sleep, they then have a harder time waking it up. I think maybe the company should add perhaps a mesh top to the Ubooly stuffed animal or perhaps its bottom so the speakers of the phone aren't covered preventing the toy from hearing muffled noises. It has a spot to change its room around an you can earn coins to customize your Ubooly and its "home".

The Ubooly app is available for download from the app store and will soon be available for android as well. I think its a cool app the kids get excited about for a while but just like other electronics they get bored of it fast when it isn't working right. As long as all of the bugs are worked out its fun to play. It does send your phone "subtle" reminders to let you know it wants to play. Some plus' it has lots of activities you can download for your child (they're not free) everything from Spelling to Spanish; for ages 3 and up to 9. Its great for the little ones but my 8 year old gets really bored with it quickly.

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