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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dickies Coveralls

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It is very important to have clean hunting gear, and you should really clean everything that you used as soon as you are done, ensuring that it will be ready for the next outing. Remember that animals usually can smell much better than humans. This means that anything that is unclean will be a scent in the forest that tips them off to your position, making it very difficult to hunt. 

For your jackets, coveralls and other clothes, you should hand wash everything in cold water if it got blood on it. This will wash the blood out before it sets. For dirt and other types of debris, you can simply wash the clothes with warm water or cold water, in a washing machine. The most important thing to note is that you should, if possible, use unscented soap. They make this specifically for hunting. Normal soap will leave a clean, fresh scent that is nice for normal clothes, but terrible for hunting gear. 

As often as you can, though, you should avoid washing things like hats, boots, and gloves. They will slowly take on the scents of the forest as you wear them. While you may find this slightly annoying, it really can help you blend in while hunting. To keep those odors out of your house, just store all of the gear in a plastic bin in the basement. This bin will also be useful because it will keep the clothes from starting to smell like your house.

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