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Thursday, July 11, 2013

JeNu - Anti-Aging System

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Crows feet are usually one of the first signs of premature aging, and now they're one of the easiest to erase. Researchers have been working hard to devise a better crows feet treatment since the dawn of skin-care science, and new trends provide hope for all of those who suffer from this affliction. Among the newest treatments on the market today are products that combine the use of scientifically-advanced serums with ultrasonic devices, providing the sensitive skin around the eyes with a boost from below the surface. This combination helps serums to penetrate the skin and take them where they can achieve the greatest benefit: at the cellular level, where the troubled skin begins. In the past, products simply treated the skin surface. 

While this helped provide immediate improvement to the appearance of aging skin, it did little to combat internal structural damage. The result was short-term, surface improvement with no real or lasting effect. Modern anti-aging products work on the root causes of aged skin, which are dehydration and sun damage that destroys the skins cells. The combination of a highly-advanced serum that repairs the cells and a gentle, ultra-sonic wave that helps deliver the product directly to the damaged cells has created a boon in home beauty care and treatment. Spas and dermatologists have known about this for some time, but the technology has only recently become available and affordable for home use. The best cure for premature aging is always prevention, but when nature needs a little help, technology steps in with the answers.

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