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Monday, August 26, 2013

FragranceVilla - Discount Designer Fragrances

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A signature scent is a key part of any commanding wardrobe, but finding that scent is never easy. Making it even more difficult to find a fragrance or spray is the cost associated with an exclusive or designer scent. Finding the right fragrance to wear can mean the difference between attracting and repelling that special someone.

Women's Fragrances
Typical fragrances worn by women range from floral, woody scents to fruity or citrus essences. A different perfume is often even selected at different times of the year or to express different moods. Common favorites include 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden, Red by Perry Ellis, and Lady Gaga's Fame.

5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden--A common floral scent perfect for daywear, 5th Avenue is soft feminine aura. With notes of peach, nutmeg, and vanilla among others, 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden is a gentle, delicious perfume for any occasion.

Red by Perry Ellis--In a bottle as sexy as its scent, Red by Perry Ellis is a favorite of slightly more adventurous individuals. Wafting sunny bursts of mandarin, deep orange, and lime zest paired with spicy hings of red cinnamon, clove, and woody Italian bergamont, this scent is a more seductive evening scent.

Lady Gaga's Fame--As black as silky ink, Fame by Lady Gaga is a secretive scent perfect for the mysterious vixen. Floral and fruity with a deep note of musk, this fragrance is black when liquid but mists invisible when sprayed, like a well-kept secret.

Getting exclusive fragrances like these fashion-forward perfumes can be tough. Individuals often get these discount designer fragrances from FragranceVilla.com and other swanky sites.

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