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Monday, August 19, 2013


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If you're not familiar with the meaning behind, "I AM SECOND" then you're not alone. I wasn't familiar with the words either, but now I am so happy that I am. I AM SECOND is a movement that is meant to inspire everyone to live for God. There is a wonderful website iamsecond.com where there are videos to help you to not only come to God but to see that we are all the same. The videos are made by athletes, actors, musicians, business leaders, drug addicts, everyday people. They share their struggles, what they went through, the negative and then the positive. Each of them has seen what God can do, and they would love for you to take a few minutes to just listen.

I have so many struggles myself I wasn't sure which video to watch first. For some reason I was lead to watch Whispering Danny under the Struggles with Death, his story brought tears to my eyes but helped me realize what I am lacking. I watched other videos as well, and I encourage you to do the same. 

If you are looking to become more involved in I AM SECOND there is also Seconds Change. The I AM SECOND movement has become so great that they want to make many more films to reach more people. If you are interested you can visit the Seconds Change Facebook page to learn how you can help.

Stay up to date with the I AM SECOND films by following the Facebook, Twitter and of course the I AM SECOND website.

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