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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Great Back to School Targus Backpack!

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Every back-to-school season I am looking for backpacks that are not only functional but durable. My kids are pretty rough on backpacks, so if I am going to spend a decent amount on a backpack it better be able to take a beating. So when I was approached about reviewing the Targus 16" Sport 26L Backpack I was ready to give it all we had!
When I received the backpack I was just going to be leaving for a weekend to my mother-in-laws, I used the backpack to carry my new (previously used) laptop and clothing. I didn't give it too much abuse because it was carrying my new-ish laptop. I was impressed though.

This backpack has great storage space, a few pockets and my personal favorite thing is the plug-in on the strap. Yes a plug-in for earphones is on the strap, you can put your iPod or whatever music player in a compartment and plug the extension in so you can plug your earphones in the strap. 
This is a seriously awesome backpack, I would love to keep it for myself but one of my kids will get more use out of it. Now I just have to decide who gets it because all five of my kids want this backpack! You can visit the Targus website to purchase this backpack.

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