One Mom's Moxie: My Yummy Bacon & Egg Panwich!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Yummy Bacon & Egg Panwich!!

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I was sent the very cool Good Cook Cast Iron Grill Press to use in my bacon recipe. I was excited but wasn't sure what to make, then it came to me! I needed to weave the bacon together and make a bacon "patty". 

I cooked my bacon patty on my Good Cook Cast Iron Grill which worked wonderfully with the grill press. Once my bacon "patty" was fully cooked I made a couple pancakes and used an egg mold I have to make the perfect size scrambled egg. This is my egg cooking below.
The bacon was done, the pancakes were ready and now my egg was cooked. Time to put my Bacon & Egg Panwich together.
The Bacon & Egg Panwich was a BIG hit in my house! Using the Cast Iron Grill Press on the bacon kept it from curling up, so my bacon "patty" came out perfectly. 
This bacon, egg and pancake sandwich is perfect for any time of the day! It's easy to make and you can add some different ingredients, like cheese or maple syrup, to customize your Bacon & Egg Panwich!

Don't be surprised if the smell of bacon brings your kids or spouse into the kitchen. My daughter wanted to try out the cast iron grill press, she loved it! Now she wants to make some other grill pressed bacon recipes.
Make sure to check out my BBQ Bacon Stuffed Cheeseburger, I use the cast iron grill in this post as well. 
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