One Mom's Moxie: Finding The Perfect RV For Your Travel Needs

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Finding The Perfect RV For Your Travel Needs

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Buying an RV can be a fun experience, there are so many options that are available in RV's now that RV shopping can be fun. If you are looking to buy there are so many new or used Caravans for sale. Anytime you go out searching for that right RV make sure you give yourself ample time to look around, this is not something you want to rush through. Many people do not realize that there is more than one type of RV. There are the Caravans, Campertrailers, Campervans, Motorhomes and Fifth Wheelers. Each of these types of RV's are made differently and each suite a different lifestyle. 

The Caravan is typically towed behind a vehicle and can be a little more than a tent or can have the comforts of a home. These types of RV's are very popular and have come a long way as far as their ability to bring the comforts of home on the road with you. The Campervan tends to be smaller as it is usually a van that also has a sleeping area. A Campertrailer is basically a pop-up tent but in a larger scale and can be towed behind a vehicle. A Motorhome is just that a home on wheels, they are like a Campervan except these are larger and have more comfort to them. Then there's the Fifth Wheelers that are supported in the bed of a truck instead of being towed behind. These are closest to a Caravan, but these are usually for people that travel more often than not and typically will live in their Fifth Wheelers for months at a time. 

It seems to me that Caravans are much more popular and can work for people that want to travel either a lot or a little. They have become affordable and I know if I were to purchase an RV this would be my first choice. I also like that there are so many used Caravans for sale, making it even more enticing to go out and buy one. So whether you are looking for a new or used RV just make sure you take your time and enjoy yourself.

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