One Mom's Moxie: EAGLES Will Help You Quit Smoking Today!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

EAGLES Will Help You Quit Smoking Today!!

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The market is flooded with tricks and gimmicks to help those who smoke to finally break their habits; while many of these gadgets and gizmos might enable some to trade one habit for another, there are some complexities and challenges faced by smokers that requires motivation and vigilance. Groups that lend support to one another during abstinence may be a good reinforcement of the initial motivation that many smokers start out with in their pursuit of a smoke-free life, and some online communities may bring this same element to consumers in a virtual environment. 

Another effective way to quit smoking today for many may be found through participation in one of the smoking cessation studies or focus groups that are available through various companies and researchers. Some clinical groups conduct intermittent studies regarding the effects of smoking, and the efficacy of efforts to quit, look for candidates that are motivated to stop the habit with support. An online search may yield results including the Evaluating Adverse Events in a Global Smoking Cessation Study (EAGLES, which seeks willing participants to join their research group's current undertaking. These studies may implement various techniques and tactics to help maintain the smokers' desire to quit, as well as teach some valuable skills in managing stress such as the adoption of alternative coping mechanisms for managing the stressors of daily life.

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