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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Punctual Plumber - Benjamin Franklin Bay Area Plumbing

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At some point in life we all have a plumbing mishap. Whether your toilet has backed up and flooded your bathroom or your water heater decided to stop working when you have guests staying from out of town, we have all had to find a reliable plumber. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area then you can rely on Benjamin Franklin Bay Area Plumbing for all your plumbing needs. They are willing to help anytime of the day or night and your satisfaction is their number one concern.

The Benjamin Franklin Bay Area Plumbing company is not just in the business to fix plumbing problems; they want to help you prevent any and all future plumbing problems. Their Home Protection Club is plumbing maintenance that helps to keep your plumbing system working correctly and efficiently. The program has many great benefits like no diagnostic fees, so you never have to pay a diagnostic fee during normal business hours. You will be a priority customer which means as a club member your plumbing problem will be fixed before any non-members. There's a free annual safety inspection which not only included your plumbing but also inspections of your electrical, heating and cooling systems. There are also the benefits of saving ten to fifteen percent on repairs and that the club membership is transferable.

There are many other great plumbing services that Benjamin Franklin Bay Area Plumbing offers. They are skilled in leak detection and can look for any leaks using various methods. There are a few indicators that may mean you have a leak like water damage, a toilet constantly running, unexpected high water bills and if your water meter is continuously moving. If you notice any of those signs or anything else unusual you may have a leak and using a qualified plumber is important to fix the problem correctly.

Some things around the house should be done by professionals and water heater installation is one of them. Benjamin Franklin Bay Area Plumbing can help you find the best water heater to fit your needs. The most popular option is the conventional water heater, also known as a storage water heater, they can store hot water and use gas or electricity at a slower rate. The other option is a tankless water heater which has a lot of advantages over a conventional water heater. The tankless water heater is able to instantly heat the water to your desired temperature, with an unlimited supply. Because there is no tank that means there are no leaks, it uses less space and is energy efficient. Consulting with your Benjamin Franklin Bay Area plumber will help you in making the right decision for your water heater.

The plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Bay Area Plumbing are ready to serve you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There are no extra charges for those late night plumbing emergencies or even for those holiday ones. They are punctual plumbers that are straight forward with their prices and are highly skilled professionals. Their plumbers attend regular plumbing education courses and seminars, only one out of thirty-three applicants are hired to be a Benjamin Franklin Bay Area plumber. Their biggest priority is to guarantee they give you the best service possible. So the next time you find yourself in a plumbing predicament be sure to give Benjamin Franklin Bay Area Plumbing a call, they will be there in no time, after all they are the punctual plumber!

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