One Mom's Moxie: A Halloween Haunted House #GoodCook

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Halloween Haunted House #GoodCook

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As a Good Cook Kitchen Expert I am able to try out many different Good Cook products. I have to tell you I am far from being an expert! I joined to push myself further into cooking and try new recipes. When the chance to make the Halloween Haunted House Cookie Cutter Set product came up, I was excited to give it a try. It was an interesting experience.

First was making up the gingerbread dough, the set comes with a recipe on the back but I decided to cheat and used a boxed cookie mix. I mixed the dough up and let it chill for about an hour. Then I put parchment paper on the counter and dusted it with flour, dusted my roller with flour and also the first cookie cutter with flour. 

After cutting out all the pieces and then stamping them with the impression side of the cookie cutters we baked them.

Putting the Haunted House together took some work. I made a royal icing from scratch. It worked but took a little time to dry and stay together.

Once the house was put together we decorated and then decorated some more!

Every single thing used on my Haunted House is edible. I personally love the chocolate rocks I used for the pathway and my Mom's fallen rock walls. 

I have to say using the cookie cutters wasn't the easiest but a little flour kept the cookie dough from sticking. My favorite part of this project was decorating the house and coming up with some ideas that go along with the Haunted House theme. You can find the Haunted House Cookie Cutter Set on the Good Cook website.

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