One Mom's Moxie: Using Pompeian Olive Oil in Baking Recipes

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Using Pompeian Olive Oil in Baking Recipes

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I used to do all the baking in our home but now that my ten year old, Olivia, loves baking I like to let her do the baking now. I personally like to make baking recipes homemade or at least semi-homemade but for a learning or convenience using a mix can still taste good. So when I was asked to make something using the Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil I was going to make a chocolate cake from scratch, until my daughter realized I would be baking. So instead I decided to try a cake mix but instead of using vegetable oil I would use the Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can use complete this quick survey and be entered to win $200!!

Olivia loves the process of putting all the ingredients together. I have taught her to crack eggs in a cup just in case a piece of the shell goes in, it's much easier to retrieve it in a cup then in a bowl with all the mix around it.

Here she is pouring the Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Another tip I taught her was when you pour oil it clings to the sides of the measuring cup so you have to double check your measurement and sometimes you might have to add another drop or two. 

Here Olivia is pouring her batter, she was anxious to get them baked. Here is how Olivia's olive oil cakes turned out!

These little cakes turned out perfect! The great thing about Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is that it is so much healthier for you then any other oil. You can substitute butter or margarine in any recipe with the Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you can also use it instead of using any other type of oil. 

So for Olivia's little cakes we used a yellow cake mix and substituted the vegetable oil with Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Then frosted the cakes with regular frosting as well. There is no difference in taste with using the extra virgin olive oil and actually they seemed a little more moist then usual. I plan on making one of the Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil recipes that are featured on there site soon!

Did you know that Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the first olive oil to be approved for the USDA quality-monitoring program! USDA quality monitoring program verifies the purity and quality of the olive oil through rigorous USDA product testing and review of production processes. You can learn more about that here. Also "Like" Pompeian on Facebook to get a $1.00 off coupon on any Pompeian Olive Oil. 

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