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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rollie Eggmaster Review

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The Rollie Eggmaster is a vertical cooking system for eggs. The Rollie can cook an egg or egg whites to perfection in minutes. The non-stick cylinder is surrounded by a heating element that thoroughly cooks the egg. Clean up is made easy because of the non-stick surface. Using the Rollie is as easy as three steps. First crack the egg, second pour it in and third watch it pop up once it's finished cooking.

Each Rollie Eggmaster cooking system comes with five wooden skewers, one cleaning brush, one metal packing tool, a recipe booklet and a one year warranty. 
After following the directions before cooking an egg I was ready to give it a try. One of the first things you are suppose to do is let the Rollie heat up without an egg in it, let it completely cool before using it to cook an egg. My first attempt at using the Rollie was not as good as I had hoped. My egg wasn't cooked all the way, but I feel that it was my fault since I thought it was done. My second attempt was better, it turned out good, but since I just cracked it and poured it in there wasn't much flavor. So when I used it again I beat the egg and added spices, this egg turned out better. I don't have photos as they all turned out blurry. I do plan on trying to make some of the recipes in the booklet and see how they turn out. 

So overall I would say this product is a neat gadget. It was easy once you got the hang of it and since the egg cooks in a perfect cylinder shape it makes for good breakfast burritos. It cooks an egg just about as fast as cooking one on the stove, maybe a minute less. If you are interested in purchasing a Rollie Eggmaster or would like more information on it you can go to the Kalorik site.

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