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Friday, November 1, 2013

Clogged Drain? No Problem!

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Have you ever experienced a burst pipe anywhere in your house or a sink that is clogged and you just can’t get it to drain? If so then you know how important it is to find a trustworthy plumber. If you live in Redwood City, California then I suggest calling Ben Franklin Plumbing for all of your plumbing problems or better yet for preventative maintenance. Dealing with plumbing issues is never easy, but the Ben Franklin Plumbing Company is available day or night for all of your plumbing needs. Their plumbers are not only apprenticed by the best but they continue their education with different courses and attend seminars.

At Ben Franklin Plumbing they encourage customers to have regular drain cleaning by professional plumbers. By keeping your drains cleared of any debris you are making sure that all your waste water will efficiently go down the drain without any backing up. I can only imagine the amount of cleaning and sanitizing involved after a drain has clogged and then backed up. So not only are you making sure your drains are cleared but you are preventing hours of cleaning up afterwards. There is also the possibility of a pipe being damaged by not keeping the drains cleaned, which can end up being a costly mistake. I know this is something that can happen because I personally experienced this firsthand. Our entire system backed up and we ended up having thousands of dollar’s worth of work done to fix it. First our toilet wasn't flushing properly and then our shower started to back up, it would eventually drain, we tried using drain cleaners but by then the problem was beyond the help of drain cleaner. So I stress the importance of having a skilled professional, preferably from Ben Franklin Plumbing, come out on a regular basis and do a thorough drain cleaning.

The next time you are washing dishes or taking a shower take a minute to see that the waste water drains quickly like it should. If you notice that the waste water is not draining properly then make sure you don’t put off taking care of it. Again I suggest calling Ben Franklin Plumbing if you live in Redwood City, California. They are experienced at snaking different drains and use only the best products on the market. Your satisfaction is most important to them, if you are not happy then you don’t pay a penny for their services, this is a Ben Franklin Plumbing customer satisfaction guarantee!

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