One Mom's Moxie: December 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Master Caster Products Review

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I was recently sent some great products that I am more than happy to share with you all. I was able to review the Master Caster ReStor-It Furniture Touch Up Kit. This was a product that I didn't expect to work as well as it does. I used some of the touch pen in Cherry to cover some scratches on my nephew's crib and the pen worked perfectly. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone that has a lot of wood in their home. I love that there is several shades to choose from and even the filler sticks to fill in the deeper scratches. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Perfect Nursing Home in West Sussex

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If you have ever had experience or heard of someone's experience of putting a loved one in a nursing home, then you know the experience can be somewhat daunting. Fortunately there are places like Barlavington Manor Nursing Home that make the entire event feel like your loved one is moving into a place of their own. A home away from home, so they are not in a state of panic or discomfort. At Barlavington Manor they want your loved ones to feel like they are at home, they are encouraged to make their own choices, while still living in a safe and secure environment. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Best Buy Has Lunar New Year E-Gift Cards!

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There is a New Year approaching, one that is based on the phases of the moon, this is known as the Lunar New Year. On January 31, 2014 the Lunar New Year will be celebrated by Asians all around the world. 

The Lunar New Year is not only to commemorate the start of a new year but to also observe the end of Winter as well as looking forward to Spring. It is celebrated in Korea, Tibet, Vietnam and China. 

Best Buy supports events that are important to their employees, customers and communities. One of those important events is the upcoming Lunar New Year. Best Buy would like you to know they are celebrating the Lunar New Year with an Asian-inspired eGiftcard

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kidoodle.TV Review - Built for Kids, Loved by Parents!

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I participated in a Blog Blast program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kidoodle.TV. I received a promotional item and a free trial as a thank you for participating.

Some of the children's shows on television are not always the types of programs I want my daughter's watching. Thankfully there is Kidoodle.TV a subscription service that provides kid's videos that you can control. On Kidoodle.TV after you set up an account you can make up to five profiles for your kids and then personalize them. You can decide which videos your kids watch by choosing the on and off feature.  

I created a profile with my daughter for her. She chose from the six colors available, of course pink since it's her current favorite color. Then I selected which titles she can view. She has watched a few Super Mario Bros., Sonic and Pound Puppies videos. She really likes that she can pick the cartoons without having to wait for them to come on television. The Kidoodle.TV service is without ads, which I personally like since even the ads on television can influence kids. I also liked the Parents Room, which is guarded with a four digit password, where I can control the profiles for my kids and see which videos they have watched. 

The Kidoodle.TV service is free until December 31, 2013, then after that the service is $4.99 a month and did I mention it's unlimited streaming! You can also download the Kidoodle.TV app through the iTunes store. 

You can enter the Kidoodle.TV Giveaway to win 1 of 10 tablets or 1 of 10 Kidoodle.TV year-long subscriptions!

To enter the giveaway, go to Kidoodle.TV to sign up for a free trial. Follow the on-screen directions and submit!

Follow Kidoodle.TV on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with any news or new content added to the site.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Can't Hear Well? Important Info to Help You!

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If you have a loved one who is getting up in years, or you yourself are finding that your body does not work the way that you need it to anymore, there is no need to reduce your quality of life. There are many enhancements that technology has given us which will allow you to extend the usefulness of your senses so that you can continue to experience life without missing out. On top of this, if you let your senses deteriorate, you open yourself up to many other illnesses and ailments that can only attack you if you are unaware of the dangers that are around you.

Your senses are not only there to make sure that your quality of life is enhanced; they are also in place to protect you from danger. Your hearing is especially important part of your defense mechanisms. How else will you know if there is a car approaching on the street or someone is trying to tap your shoulder to warn you of some emergency? If you are having trouble hearing, then you owe it to yourself to enhance your ears so that you will not miss out on any of the things that you need to hear.

There are also ways to protect your ears so that you can have their hearing for a longer period of time. If you are working a job that has loud noises, then you should get earplugs to take it to work every day. Pay special attention to high-frequency screeches; high frequencies tend to be the hearing that most people lose first.

There are many free online audio frequency tests that you can use in order to assess your hearing before you spend money on a doctor. Most people should be able to hear the differences between white noise that has a full frequency spectrum and white noise that is cut off above 10 kHz. If you cannot tell the difference between these two files as they are presented on any one of the free online audio tests for hearing, then you should likely see a doctor in order to assess your need for audio enhancement technology.

Stay away from loud noises like rock concerts and if you must attend an event with loud noise, then make sure to use earplugs. Do not be afraid to cover your ears if you hear a loud noise in public. Many people undergo a great deal of hearing loss on a day to day basis simply because they are too "polite" to cover their ears when they hear a loud noise.

Miracle Ear hearing aids are one of the oldest brands in the audio enhancement industry. When you are ready for audio enhancement technology that has been proven to work for people no matter their age, then you owe it to yourself to check out the wide range of comfortable and easy to use inventory that Miracle Ear has. The buds fit easily into your ears, giving you the ability to hear the things that you need to in order to keep yourself safe as well as enjoy life to its fullest.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Colorful Nylon Stockings Lift Your Mood

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A considerable amount of research has been done regarding the correlation between someone's mood and their wardrobe. The research has noted that some women wear colorful clothing and accessories as an outward way to display their vibrant, optimistic, exciting personality. It has also been suggested that some women choose to wear colorful clothing and accessories on gloomy days as a way to banish their sense of unhappiness or gloominess.

Nylon stockings are a budget-friendly wardrobe accessory that can directly impact your wardrobe selection. Because of their affordability, it is easy to acquire an extensive, diverse collection of stockings. Black tights can add elegance, sophistication and an over all sense of sleekness to your attire. Neutral color tights can add serenity to your wardrobe and are appropriate for a most workplace settings. For days when you personally need a little emotional boost, the addition of a pair of magenta, neon green, violet or brilliant red tights might just provide the uplifting you need. 

In addition to adding colorful tights to your wardrobe accessories, acquiring a collection of patterned tights, fishnets and vibrant knee highs will assure that you always have something to wear that will lift your mood and possibly even the mood of those you meet along the way. A place such as We Love Color can provide you with diverse and enticing options. Sometimes, it's a wonderful personal experience to simply step out of your mundane wardrobe comfort zone and be a little wild and crazy with color.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Festive Four: Holiday Gift Ideas from Hallmark

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When I think of the holidays I think of Hallmark. Not just their cards and ornaments but the many gifts that can be purchased. Here are some great gift ideas from Hallmark, make your Christmas a little more magical by giving a Hallmark gift to someone special.

Some fun Christmas Tree Tidbits to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Fruit of the Loom Fleece Sweatshirts Review

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Looking for a quick gift that will keep on giving during the holidays? Then look no further than a Fruit of the Loom fleece sweatshirt! I recently was sent two Fruit of the Loom fleece sweatshirts to review and love both of them. I have been wearing my navy blue sweatshirt even when it is considered to be freezing outside. I love how warm and soft these sweatshirts are. My daughter actually took over one of the sweatshirts because she loved how soft and warm it keeps her. They come in an array of colors and sizes. 

One cool thing about Fruit of the Loom products are that they are so affordable. You can find these sweatshirts at your local Walmart or at Walmart.com. Here is the link to the Fruit of the Loom Best Collection Fleece Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt I received and the Fruit of the Loom Best Collection Fleece Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt that my daughter has now taken over. The Best Collection Fleece Sweatshirts would be a great gift for anyone of your family members. The fleece sweatshirts I received were for men, but I personally prefer the fleece sweatshirts from the men's section. You can buy a Fruit of the Loom fleece sweatshirt in women's and children's as well! Awesome products at affordable prices for everyone in the family. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Helping My Fibromyalgia and Arthritis During the Holidays

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The holiday season can be a fun and joyful time of year for so many, it is the time of year when family and friends gather and celebrate each other. I personally love the holiday season but during these couple of months I find myself slowing down more than usual. I have always been open about having Fibromyalgia and Arthritis but as a mom my children do not always understand why I can’t do the same things that some other parents can do. I have come up with some things to help me to keep pushing through each holiday season. Some of my solutions may seem like things you might do on an everyday basis but a lot of people forget to do the things they normally would during the holidays.

The first thing I do when I start to hurt more than usual is to keep a positive outlook throughout the entire holiday season. It is so easy to let your illnesses consume you but you will only be missing out on the festivities and having self-pity party will only make things worse. I know it may sound cliché to say to stay positive but if you keep the self-doubting out of your head then you will be able to celebrate the holidays without as much suffering you may have had in the past holiday seasons. Staying positive and thinking of family will keep you going.

Another solution is to pass on a lot of the goodies. Staying healthy doesn’t just mean eating your vegetables! I know that many of us will receive cookies, breads, candies and other sweets but eating healthier will actually help keep me going without feeling as sluggish. Most of us know that these homemade or store bought goods will help pack on a pound or two but not all goodies have to be sweet. You should make sure when you eat a holiday meal that you are eating to fuel your body. Sometimes I struggle with passing on another helping of candied yams or mashed potatoes, but I have to remind myself that the extra helping now can make things harder on me. I also have a really hard time saying no to the pumpkin pie, cheesecake or chocolate chip cookies. So instead of saying no to them I eat a smaller piece of pie or cheesecake and keep my cookie consumption to a two cookie maximum.

One of my other solutions is to challenge myself to do more. It is so easy to think of the holidays as a time to take a break from life. This is something that can make my Fibromyalgia even more difficult to live with. All I want to do sometimes is curl up in bed and sleep, I always think a good nap will help. Sometimes it does help but other times I will just feel even more tired than I was before. Using the holiday shopping to your advantage is a great way to get more exercise. While walking those aisles try to walk a little faster. Exercising is a good thing for those of us with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis but you still need to check with your doctor with what exercises will work best for you.

My final solution is to enjoy yourself. Don’t overthink things or push yourself too much. The holiday season is a time for family and friends. Do what you can, rest when you need to and make sure to laugh. I hope these things will help you get through the holidays a little easier. If you do give yourself a new challenge make sure to share it on the Hyland’s Holiday Challenge tab on Facebook, you will receive tips, articles and be entered to win weekly giveaways.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Join Similac StrongMoms for FREE Gifts & Coupons!

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Similac StrongMoms

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$100 Old Navy Gift Card Giveaway!!

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Welcome to the New Year Old Navy $100 Gift Card Giveaway sponsored by the Daily Digest and hosted by The Parenting Patch!

With Christmas here soon and the new year approaching fast, could you use a little extra cash to spend at Old Navy?

To help celebrate the coming new year, one lucky reader of The Parenting Patch and YOUR BLOG HERE will win one (1) $100 Old Navy gift card. To enter for your chance to win the New Year Old Navy $100 Gift Card Giveaway, simply use the following Rafflecopter form. Good luck! Happy new year!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The New Year Old Navy $100 Gift Card Giveaway is open worldwide. An international winner will receive $100 via PayPal in lieu of the specified prize. The New Year Old Navy $100 Gift Card Giveaway ends at midnight CST on December 23, 2013. One winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter. The winner will be sent an email and will have forty-eight hours to respond. If no response is received within forty-eight hours, another winner will be chosen. The Parenting Patch and other participating blogs are not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Join Hyland’s Holiday Challenge - What Will You Challenge Yourself To?

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Hyland's is happy to host a Holiday Challenge on their Facebook encouraging you to submit what you are going to challenge yourself to during the holiday season. Just look for the tab on their Facebook page that is titled Hyland's Holiday Wellness Challenge. Once you have submitted a challenge you will be entered to win weekly giveaways and receive tips, articles and valuable coupons to help you with your challenge. Only those who submit a challenge will be able to receive exclusive offers and be entered to win the weekly giveaways. 

So what will you challenge yourself to this holiday season? Make sure to Join Hyland’s Holiday Challenge and check out what others are challenging themselves to during the holiday season!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ozeri CardioTech Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Review

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My husband and I were both diagnosed with high blood pressure over a year ago. Since then it has been important for us to check our blood pressure frequently. When I was given the chance to review the Ozeri CardioTech Pro Series BP5K Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Voice-Guided Operation & Intelligent Hypertension Indicator, or Ozeri CardioTech BP Monitor for short, I was happy to review it and give my honest opinion. 

This BP monitor not only measures your blood pressure but it actually tells you exactly what to do and then will store your measures for you. With its voice guidance technology you will be able to use the cuff easily every time.  Now whenever I think I should check it I just reach for my monitor and it takes just a minute or two to tell me what my blood pressure is. The monitor will also let me know if my blood pressure is considered to be good, optimal or high. 

If you have more then one person using the monitor that's okay, you can store up to 180 readings for one person or 90 readings each for two people. I also like that I am able to read my blood pressure from my wrist, those arm cuffs at the doctors tend to be awkward and have pinched my skin a time or two. Once I have finished using my monitor I roll up the cuff and put it in the storage case that came with it. 

If you are looking for a way to measure your blood pressure with accurate readings then I highly suggest using this Ozeri CardioTech Pro Series BP5K Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Voice-Guided Operation & Intelligent Hypertension Indicator! The other awesome feature I meant to share was the monitors ability to detect an irregular heartbeat, or Arrhythmia, which is just another great feature of this blood pressure monitor. I am happy to share this product with you all, I give this monitor a 5 star rating, with its accurate measurements and easy to use functions this monitor has been an excellent tool in keeping an eye on my blood pressure. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Soy Protein Gift Pack Review and Giveaway

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As a mom I want to give my children better snacks, my kids love sweets but they are full of sugar and carbs that have little or no protein. When I was asked to try some A3 Bars and Nogii Kids Bars that are made of soy protein I was sure my kids would turn their noses up at them. I was sent a gift pack that had the soy protein bars, a free product coupon and a "Soy Satisfying" lunch cooler. I love my new little lunch/snack cooler, I can carry the soy protein bars and a bottle of water for after school or while running errands.

I received an A3 Honey Graham S'Mores bar that was actually good! I split the bar to share with my daughters and we liked it. We also tried the Nogii Kids Chocolate Chip bar and this was our favorite. It was sweet but still healthy, which makes me feel good knowing my kids are eating a snack they like but it's still good for them. 

Some Information about Soy Protein:

·         Soy protein is a high‐quality, plant‐based protein derived from soybeans.
·         Soy protein supports healthy growth and development.
·         Because of its ability to impact satiety, soy protein can help in managing a healthy weight 
       in children.
·         Soy protein is a healthy alternative for children with milk, egg or peanut allergies.
·         Incorporating high-quality proteins, such as soy protein, into children’s diets supports 
       immune health.

I was also sent a coupon for a free MorningStar Farms product of my choice. I haven't used my coupon yet but I plan on using it to get their MorningStar Farms® Original Sausage Patties. Each patty has only 3 grams of fat and a whooping 10 grams of protein! If you are not aware of it already all MorningStar Farms products are made of veggies, there is no meat. This is a product worth giving a try, they carry delicious products.

I am thrilled to have a giveaway for the same products I received! The products, information and two gift packs have been provided by DuPont Nutrition and Health. The giveaway will end on December 11, 2013 and US residents only.

The Soy Protein Gift Pack includes:

One coupon for a MorningStar Farms product 

One A3 Honey Graham S'mores bar
One Nogii Kids Chocolate Chip bar 
One “Soy Satisfying” Lunch Cooler

Kobo Arc Tablet & eReader Review

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The new Kobo Arc Tablet is such a great tablet that I can't imagine not having it now! My daughters and I are sharing the tablet and love all the cool features that come with the tablet. I knew it looked fun but didn't realize just how fun it was until we received it. We immediately started playing with the apps that were pre-loaded. Figuring out how to use this tablet was so easy, my 8 year old taught her grandmother how to use this tablet within minutes.

We were able to downloaded ebooks to read with ease, there is a good variety of children's books. I was happy to see popular titles available as ebooks! You can go to the Kobo site to check out all the ebooks for yourself. It looks like we will be doing much more reading now, which is okay with me. I like that my kids want to use the tablet to read, I can tell them to read for a specific amount of time and then allow them to play apps after they have finished their reading.

One feature I am excited to tell you about is called Tapestries. So say you find an article you want to read but don't have time. All you need to do is pin it to your customized group and read it at a later time. I have a few customized groups like Media for websites I want to go back to, Ebooks to possibly download and Music in case I want to purchase and download an album. This feature is seriously awesome!

The Kobo Arc tablet's 7 inch screen has a crisp and clear display, so every picture and web page looks wonderful. The sound is something incredible. Since the speakers are in the front of the tablet, most are in the back, you can hear your music or movie perfectly. Using Skype isn't frustrating because you are able to hear the person you're chatting with no problems.

I could go on and on about the features, which I wouldn't mind doing because you will not be disappointed in this tablet. I am so happy I would love to check out their new Kobo Arc 10 HD! They are very affordable and any one of the Kobo tablets would be an awesome gift for anyone! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Who is able to Own a Supercuts? #Franchising

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Basically anyone can own a Supercuts, there is no one type of person that owns a Supercuts franchise. There is some general information about business owners that is interesting. There were one thousand people surveyed that had a net worth of over two-hundred thousand dollars and here are some of the results. 

In those surveyed fifty-six percent are planning on opening or starting a business in the next twelve to eighteen months. These include people looking to have a partner or go it alone. There is fifty-six percent that plan to start a business that plan on having a business partner. Only thirty-one percent starting a business will go into business with a spouse or domestic partner. The thirty percent of respondents looking to begin a business will partner with a friend, and twenty-six percent will go into business with a colleague. The percentage of females that are looking to start their own business is only twenty-five percent. Females are more likely to go into business with a spouse or business partner than males that will.

Here is a great visual aide to see the percentages.

If you are interested in becoming a Supercuts franchise owner you can find more information about doing that at this Supercuts page. I hope this information helps you in deciding who to partner with or to have a partner at all. Feel free to post any questions below. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post that has been brought to you by Supercuts.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lalaloopsy Workshop Double Pack Review

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Lalaloopsy dolls have done it again, they have come out with another awesome Lalaloopsy toy that little girls will just love to pieces, literally! The newest Lalaloopsy Workshop Double Pack can be mixed and matched with each other. Each Lalaloopsy Workshop Double Pack Includes: 2 Heads, 2 Torsos, Arms, Legs, and 2 Hair Styles, fashions, and accessories.
Mix and match heads, fashions, and accessories to create 2 complete dolls.
Can be combined with Lalaloopsy Workshop Single Packs. 

Creating your very own Lalaloopsy doll is so much fun. My daughters have enjoyed their Lalaloopsy Workshop Double Pack - Clown & Princess, so much that they want me to buy them the other Lalaloopsy Workshop Double Pack! We give Lalaloopsy five stars for creativity and helping girls use their imaginations!