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Friday, December 6, 2013

Kobo Arc Tablet & eReader Review

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The new Kobo Arc Tablet is such a great tablet that I can't imagine not having it now! My daughters and I are sharing the tablet and love all the cool features that come with the tablet. I knew it looked fun but didn't realize just how fun it was until we received it. We immediately started playing with the apps that were pre-loaded. Figuring out how to use this tablet was so easy, my 8 year old taught her grandmother how to use this tablet within minutes.

We were able to downloaded ebooks to read with ease, there is a good variety of children's books. I was happy to see popular titles available as ebooks! You can go to the Kobo site to check out all the ebooks for yourself. It looks like we will be doing much more reading now, which is okay with me. I like that my kids want to use the tablet to read, I can tell them to read for a specific amount of time and then allow them to play apps after they have finished their reading.

One feature I am excited to tell you about is called Tapestries. So say you find an article you want to read but don't have time. All you need to do is pin it to your customized group and read it at a later time. I have a few customized groups like Media for websites I want to go back to, Ebooks to possibly download and Music in case I want to purchase and download an album. This feature is seriously awesome!

The Kobo Arc tablet's 7 inch screen has a crisp and clear display, so every picture and web page looks wonderful. The sound is something incredible. Since the speakers are in the front of the tablet, most are in the back, you can hear your music or movie perfectly. Using Skype isn't frustrating because you are able to hear the person you're chatting with no problems.

I could go on and on about the features, which I wouldn't mind doing because you will not be disappointed in this tablet. I am so happy I would love to check out their new Kobo Arc 10 HD! They are very affordable and any one of the Kobo tablets would be an awesome gift for anyone! 

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