One Mom's Moxie: Colorful Nylon Stockings Lift Your Mood

Monday, December 16, 2013

Colorful Nylon Stockings Lift Your Mood

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A considerable amount of research has been done regarding the correlation between someone's mood and their wardrobe. The research has noted that some women wear colorful clothing and accessories as an outward way to display their vibrant, optimistic, exciting personality. It has also been suggested that some women choose to wear colorful clothing and accessories on gloomy days as a way to banish their sense of unhappiness or gloominess.

Nylon stockings are a budget-friendly wardrobe accessory that can directly impact your wardrobe selection. Because of their affordability, it is easy to acquire an extensive, diverse collection of stockings. Black tights can add elegance, sophistication and an over all sense of sleekness to your attire. Neutral color tights can add serenity to your wardrobe and are appropriate for a most workplace settings. For days when you personally need a little emotional boost, the addition of a pair of magenta, neon green, violet or brilliant red tights might just provide the uplifting you need. 

In addition to adding colorful tights to your wardrobe accessories, acquiring a collection of patterned tights, fishnets and vibrant knee highs will assure that you always have something to wear that will lift your mood and possibly even the mood of those you meet along the way. A place such as We Love Color can provide you with diverse and enticing options. Sometimes, it's a wonderful personal experience to simply step out of your mundane wardrobe comfort zone and be a little wild and crazy with color.

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