One Mom's Moxie: Happy New Year, Now What?!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year, Now What?!

Well New Years has come and gone, I took some time to reflect on my blogging. I am trying to make some improvements. After the tumultuous year I had in 2013, I needed to take a little time to figure out if I wanted to continue blogging. Without a question I love blogging, but so many things happened in my personal life that I wanted to make sure that I should continue on. 

So my final decision was to keep going, but I am going to get organized and make the most of my blogging journey. I don't want to be mediocre, I want to be successful and not only be proud of my work but I want you all to enjoy my posts. 
There are going to be some changes around here! I am open to any input from you ladies and gents. After all I don't run this thing just for myself. I will tell you I am going to be busting my booty to get some awesome giveaways up. I am joining with others bloggers to make this happen. 

So welcome 2014, I am ready to kick butt and give it my all. Thank you for sticking around and continuing to be my readers, I appreciate you all so much!

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