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Monday, January 27, 2014

House of Doolittle Review

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As a blogger I use quite a bit of office supplies. I was trying to use Post-it notes to remember to get things done, but eventually they would disappear. Every time I would lose my little lists of things to do I would end up forgetting to do something. So when I was sent the House of Doolittle Business Planner it was my saving grace. I am now able to write things in and remember to look in my planner to see what I have coming up. Even with all the new technology available I prefer writing my plans down, I tend to remember it better this way.

I love that I can write in what I need to do during the week and it even has time slots. This business planner is awesome, but the House of Doolittle 2014 Calendar that I received is perfect to remember things with a quick glance. It fits on my computer desk and the squares are the perfect size to write in my reminders. 

There are so many great promotional products that you can personalize for your business, blog or school. You can even have promotional shirts made for any event or for your employees to wear. I really like going through the Shoplet site and looking at all their great products and what could make my life a little easier. There is office stationary available for my readers in the UK.

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