One Mom's Moxie: Wear a Shearling Coat to Stay Warm This Winter

Friday, January 10, 2014

Wear a Shearling Coat to Stay Warm This Winter

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Shearling is an organic material, typically originating from the skin of a lamb or a sheep, or the pelt from another animal. After the animal has been sheared (hence the term "shearling"), the removed wool is processed and tanned so that it has a smooth consistency and an even color tone. Shearling is not very heavy, but it is soft and smooth, and can be very insulating. Its light material makes it ideal as a coat lining or even for a sweater, since it adds insulation without unnecessary bulk. Typically the lighter in color a swatch of shearling is, the more expensive it is, since it took more post-processing to create that particular color.

Shearling coats offer elegance, luxury, and warmth, and such a coat is considered by many women to be the ultimate cold weather indulgence. Shearling may also be used as a lining for leather slippers or coats, but more often can be found on coats for women. This winter season, bundle up in a shearling coat, a thick scarf, and a snazzy hat or a pair of ear muffs, and you'll be all set for the runway, a brisk walk in the park, or even a quick run to the grocery store.

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