One Mom's Moxie: thinkThin Protein & Fiber Bars Review & Giveaway

Friday, June 13, 2014

thinkThin Protein & Fiber Bars Review & Giveaway

I received thinkThin Lean Protein & Fiber bars and compensation for the following post. The product, information and gift card compensation were all provided by thinkThin. 

Before I give my review of the thinkThin bars let me give you some information about these amazing bars!

The thinkThin bars were created by former model Lizanne Falsetto during her hectic modeling days. The need for something small and portable to eat on the go gave her the idea to use her grandmother's recipes, but she tweaked them to make something healthier. Getting rid of the extra sugar and gluten and replacing them with more protein and fiber. Soon after her bars were a hit and that's how the thinkThin bars were created.

thinkThin Lean Protein & Fiber bars

· At only 150 calories, thinkThin Lean Protein & Fiber bars deliver the perfect balance of 10g of protein and 5g of fiber to give you energy, and help keep you full and satisfied

· Made with 100% non-GMO ingredients in decadent flavors, these new bars are also low in sugar and gluten-free … making them deliciously guilt-free

· Available in 5 delicious flavors: Chocolate Almond Brownie, Chunky Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Honey Drizzle Peanut, and Cinnamon Bun White Chocolate

About thinkThin
· From High Protein bars that are certified gluten-free to Crunch Mixed Nuts bars made from non-GMO ingredients, thinkThin believes in using high-quality ingredients that provide a good source of protein.
· thinkThin embraces Weight Wellness®, the balance of physical and emotional wellbeing, and has been recognized byFitness Magazine with a “Healthy Food Award.”

Although some of the thinkThin Crunch mixed nuts bars were good, I wasn't a fan of a few of the other thinkThin bars. It's not that they were bad, I am just picky and when I had my co-blogger Vanessa try the bars she said they were pretty good. So overall I would still give thinkThin products 4.5 stars! If you are curious about these products make sure you visit the thinkThin Facebook, thinkThin Twitter and thinkThin Pinterest pages. They would love to hear from any of One Mom's Moxie's readers.

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