One Mom's Moxie: A Fun Christmas Tradition

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Fun Christmas Tradition

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Hey everyone! As I sit here fighting a cold, with a painful sore throat, I wanted to be a little nostalgic and share a tradition our family has done for years now. Once our kids were old enough to understand Christmas we decided to do a gift exchange. I know this sounds pretty normal but as a blended family our kids didn't always get to spend time together. So doing the gift exchange helped the kids think about their sibling and get to know them a little better. When it came time to exchange gifts they would be anxious to see their siblings reaction. 

This year our gift exchange might be a little difficult since there have been some changes. Hard to believe my oldest bonus-son has moved out on his own, and my daughters will be with their father for the week of Christmas. With a spending limit set they are going to need ideas of what to get each other. There is the Holiday Toyland event at our local Walmart we're going to check out on December 12th. I think this will help my kids decide what to get for each other, especially since the toys were tested and chosen by children. 

I hope you all check out the Holiday Toyland event at your local Walmart, it really does look like a lot of fun! I also hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Do you have a family tradition? Is it a lot of fun or has it become mundane? I love reading your comments and silly stories so please feel free to share!