One Mom's Moxie: How To Be The #AwesomeUncle This Holiday Season!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

How To Be The #AwesomeUncle This Holiday Season!

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Want to be the #AwesomeUncle over the holidays? Or even the awesome aunt? Don't stress, there is a perfect gift for even the most difficult to please! I know a lot of us don't think giving a gift card is personable enough or you worry the recipient will think you didn't put much time or effort into it, but neither are true. Most nieces, nephews and other family members love to receive gift cards! The best part is you can find a gift card for various places at your local grocery stores!
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  • Gift cards make great holiday gifts because they are easy to buy, and easy to use. Many grocery stores now carry hundreds of gift cards, making last minute shopping fast and convenient.
  • Many grocery stores now offer “variable” gift card options, so you can load any amount you want onto the card up to $500 without having to go to the retailer.
  • Using gift cards as cash for holiday shopping and save money! Grocers like Safeway offer increased fuel rewards on gift card purchases.
  • If you prefer to shop online, check out hundreds of gift cards on GiftCardMall.com.

If giving a gift card doesn’t feel like enough for you then I have a few suggestions. You can pair an iTunes gift card with headphones, a set of gloves or scarf to go with a clothing store gift card or an assortment of candies with a theater gift card. There is always the unique ways of giving the gift card inside an ornament gift card holder, wrapping it up in a large box as sort of a joke, or putting it inside a stocking filled with other goodies like candy or small toys. For those that are difficult the best gift cards are Visa and Amazon gift cards, they can choose their own gift! And for those White Elephant, Secret Santa or for the holiday office gift exchanges, a gift card is the perfect solution. Don’t forget your neighbor, teacher, Godchild, or boss. Happy Holidays!