One Mom's Moxie: Updating the Bedroom

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Updating the Bedroom

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There are times when people seek to update the home. Some take on major projects. People take to knocking out walls, taking down cabinets and other major renovations. However, it’s not necessary to change everything within the home to make a drastic change. Small changes can make a huge difference. Look for key pieces that will bring out the life in any room. For starters, begin with changing the bedroom. 

People sleep a third of their life. It makes sense that they should love the beds they sleep in. Comforter sets offer an instant way to change the look of a bedroom without having to make a huge change in décor. A comforter set makes the room feel cozier as well. Its warmth and plushness make a room feel warm and inviting. Depending upon the homeowner, soft materials may be desired. Some comforters offer two different sides if people like to change up the look of their room often. 

Updating the room with tile can make the whole room appear different. Tile cleans up an otherwise cluttered room. Even if nothing else is changed in the room, the room will appear tidier as it lends clean lines and a feeling of openness throughout the room. Any color is suitable; however, lighter colors will make the room appear larger, and darker colors will make the room appear smaller. Be mindful of common color groupings and the tone of the tile chosen. Depending upon the existing colors in the room, warm or cool tones may be desired. 

Wall décor in the bedroom makes a difference. Instead of spreading wall décor all over each wall, focus on a focal point to place a series of pictures. Reserve the other walls for small pieces of wall décor that act more like accent pieces rather than the main focal point. Use one wall for subtle lighting with miniature lights or backdrop lighting. 

Home should be enjoyed. Even if one room is tackled at a time, it’s enough to make a homeowner feel accomplished without having to break the bank. Start with the bedroom where a person spends nearly a third of their life, and branch out to the other rooms of the home. When the home is comfortable to the homeowner, the homeowner is, naturally, more at peace. This feeling of peace transcends to the other areas of the homeowner’s life.