One Mom's Moxie: A Revealing Look at the History of the Women’s Swimsuit

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Revealing Look at the History of the Women’s Swimsuit

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Have you ever looked at those old black and white photos of women wearing what can perhaps best be described as muumuus to the beach, and thought how lucky you were that such a style has long since passed? Or, conversely, maybe you saw those women carefully hiding their imperfections under pounds and pounds of fabric and thought, if only that trend had stood the test of time! The women’s bathing suit has undergone some pretty dramatic changes over the years, and designs that once left just about everything to the imagination have grown increasingly revealing in recent years. Nowadays, however, women can find just about any swimsuit style they desire, whether that’s an itty-bitty bikini or some flattering (and flattening) shapewear.

Reflections From the Past

Today’s most popular swimsuit styles run the gamut from innovative, even rash-resistant designs to those that conjure up images of iconic bathing suits of the past. Much of what the modern-day women wears to the beach comes from traditions of the past, from bikinis and high-waist styles to broad hats and even makeup. But which styles of the past have fallen out of favor, and which have stood the test of time? The infographic below reveals a timeline of the women’s bathing suit, from what the Ancient Greeks and Romans wore to what you donned on your last coastal getaway.

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