One Mom's Moxie: About Elizabeth

About Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth and I started One Mom's Moxie as a blog to not only review products, but to host giveaways and share various things that have to do with life. I am married to Rene, we have been together 15 years and have 5 children, we are a blended family. My kids especially love to be a part of my blogging. I am willing to review any product, as long as it's family friendly. 

Family: I am very family-oriented. My husband and I love to hang out with our kids, family is important to both of us. I have three daughters and two bonus-sons. My kids are Anthony 24, Angel 21, Kaylen 19, Liv 16 and Isabella 14. We proudly support our oldest son, Anthony, being in the Army Reserves and working two jobs. We're also proud of other children for going to school full-time and the two older ones working as well.

Things I Love: I love to spend time with our extended family, I am the proud Aunt of four nephews and two nieces. I like being outdoors (even though I'm allergic to the sun!), watching sports, and I don't mind getting dirty. I also enjoy the complete opposite, as in beauty products, hair care, and have a nail polish obsession. I have a passion for DIY projects, making jewelry, learning how to sew, baking, and arts & crafts. My most recent interest being watercolor painting.

+Health+: I am very open about my health issues. I try not to let any of my health issues keep me from enjoying life. I may have to take things a little easier but I refuse to let any one of my health issues control my life. 

Social Media: I am pretty much on every social media outlet there is, I always use One Mom's Moxie. Feel free to reach out to me any time, I'd love to chat and try to answer emails, messages or tweets quickly. 

I hope this helps you to get to know me better! If you ever want to know more or have questions about anything feel free to contact me at OneMomsMoxie@gmail.com!


  1. I happened to go to your "about me" page and I see where you say you have health issues including Fibromyalgia but you state you "DO NOT let any of my health issues keep me from enjoying life". I too have Fibro and I dont LET it keep me from enjoying life, it just does. I have about 2 days a week out of my room. My question is have you found something in particular that works for you (that may work for me as well)or has it not gotten to that point for you? I ask because I obviously miss out on SO much.

  2. Sorry I asked you question about Fibro w/out leaving an e-mail if you had a reply for me. nanamonroe999@gmail.com :)