One Mom's Moxie: About Elizabeth

About Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth and I started One Mom's Moxie as a blog to not only review products but to host giveaways and share various things that have to do with life. I am married to Rene, we have been together 12 years and have 5 children, we are a blended family. My kids especially love to be a part of my blogging. I am willing to review any product, as long as it's family friendly. 

Family: I am very family-oriented. My husband and I love to hang out with our kids, family is important to both of us. I have three daughters and two bonus-sons. My kids are Anthony 20, Angel 18, Kaylen 16, Olivia 13 and Isabella 10. We proudly support our oldest son, Anthony, being in the Army Reserves, he may go full-time once he's graduated from Fresno State. Our second to oldest, Angel, is now attending Fresno State as well. Go Bulldogs!

Things I Love: I love to spend time with our extended family, I am the proud Aunt of four nephews and a fifth niece or nephew is on the way. I like being outdoors (even though I'm allergic to the sun!), watching sports, and I don't mind getting dirty. I also enjoy the complete opposite, as in beauty products, hair care, and I'm especially fond of coloring my hair with different color combos! I really like to try new make-up with my girls, we have fun putting it on each other. I have a passion for DIY projects, making jewelry, learning how to sew, baking, and arts & crafts. 

+Health+: I am very open about my health issues. I try not to let any of my health issues keep me from enjoying life. I may have to take things a little easier but I refuse to let any one of my health issues control my life. 

Social Media: I am pretty much on every social media outlet there is, I always use One Mom's Moxie. Feel free to reach out to me any time, I'd love to chat and try to answer emails, messages or tweets quickly. 

I hope this helps you to get to know me better! If you ever want to know more or have questions about anything feel free to contact me at OneMomsMoxie@gmail.com!